2016 in Review!

2016 was a year of growth for me, both as an artist, and as a person. I found a little more of my voice through the camera, shooting a variety of assignments, and working closely with some amazing couples. I learned how valuable it is to always have a camera with you (iPhone), for capturing those random moments that stand out in the end (one of my favorite photos of 2016 (seen above) was taken with an iPhone after some heavy rain). I learned the importance of being a mediator, the benefits of running every week, and the joy of traveling with people who mean the world to me. I also learned the importance of being grateful on a daily basis, because no matter where you are in life, someone always has it rougher. In no particular order, here are some highlights from 2016! (Gray text links to original posts/photos)

1. Shooting the Eddie Aikau
2. Traveling with Ruby to Disneyland to run the Star Wars Half Marathon and skiing at Big Bear 
3. 54:46 finish time at the Great Aloha Run
4. Shooting 132 assignments with Isle Media. 
5. Learning the importance of being able to mediate.
6. iPhone 7 Plus helping me capture daily moments
7. Attending WPPI for the first time with the Isle Media photo team
8. Watching Lindsey proudly hold Grandpa's photo on the way to her college graduation ceremony.
9. Isle Media turns 5
10. Exploring Instagram as mr.arare
11. Celebrating my mom's retirement after all her work and sacrifice over the years to help our family.
12. Learning from Mochiko
13. Cooking with Ruby.
14. Traveling to Oregon and Canada with my family
15. Adding the D810 and D500 to the team
16. Walking into Avis's first classroom that she was able to call her own as a teacher.
17. Discovering new music through YouTube
18. Coffee.
19. Staycation at Four Seasons Ko'olina with Ruby
20. Finding something to be thankful for every day.


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