The 10/10/10 wedding

        This was my second wedding at the Halekoa Hotel and my first ever on a Sunday! Siobhan and Mikey decided they wanted to get married on a special date: 10/10/10. And yes, you guessed it: they got married at 10:10AM!! It was a hot morning, but that didn't deter the guests from proudly watching Siobhan and Mikey exchange their vows. The newlyweds put on a fantastic dance with full choreography, which was followed by a lion dance, in which Mikey himself performed in! It's not everyday you see a groom dressed in a stunning white tuxedo, jumping around in a lion suit! Throw in some hilarious kids who couldn't stop dancing and the wedding proved to be a memorable event for everyone!

Thank you to my sister, Lindsey, who was my assistant throughout the whole wedding. Without her, I would've easily been a wreck after the event. Thanks Linds!


  1. I'm procrastinating on reading my research book so I looked at your blog instead :D , so much more interesting haha.

    anyway, firstly, I think you should number your photos just so it'd be easier to comment on a specific one without having to describe the picture.
    secondly, I love the last photo ^^ , nice focus on the rings and the colors match good too, but if the background can be a bit darker, the rings will stand out more I feel like. ooo, and the cake picture too, so nice, perfect focus and position!!

    keep up the good work Reese!

    p.s: this is Hanh :D

  2. The reflection photo (the one below the one of the line of rocks) is just awesome. The reflection of the chairs is sooo clear in it. Actually, because the reflection is so sharp, I kinda want to see it bigger, like if you had that object bigger in the frame so you could see more of the reflection.

    Man, I am so excited to have you as my wedding photographer. The more I learn about photography and the more work I see from you, the more excited I get.

  3. fricken reese... why are you so awesome! :P

  4. your artistic director (LINDSEY) is feeling very smug right now :)

  5. Great work as usual Reese! Thanks for sharing. I'm digging the new blog...



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