A New Venture

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new blog! In lieu of being inspired by many fantastic photography blogs on the net, I decided to start one myself, in hopes of making some sort of contribution to the world of photography.

This blog is intended to shed some light on both my line of work and personal pursuits, in order to keep people informed on my adventures with the camera.

The title of this blog is my philosophy for photography. I feel that a good photo is the product of thoughtful observation, mixed in with technical competency, and finally, a bit of luck.

Anyway, time to post photos!
I hope you all enjoy my blog. Be sure to bookmark it :)



  1. Damn, that f1.4 is really "thin".
    So is there any connection between your "philosophy of photography" and "philosophy of teaching"? ;-)

    Cheers on the new venture Reese!



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