Covering New Territory

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, MZ and I decided to test out some lighting techniques to teach our photography students next semester. This was one shot of MZ posing with his camera that got us both stoked! Here's the catch: this is straight off the camera, one image. No photoshop or multiple exposures. See if you can figure it out...


  1. 3 separate flashes with red/green/blue colored gels over each, each fired separately over a long shutter speed?

    Looks like green was done first, then either red or blue?

  2. You nailed it Khoa! This was a 30 second exposure taken in a studio setting. After I tripped my camera's shutter, I fired MZ's 430 EX flash (green gel), then fired my two SB900s (red and blue gels) from different angles to create the effect.



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