Doing What They Love

Lacrosse is something you don't see everyday in Hawaii. Therefore, when I heard about a local tournament being held at Kapiolani Park, I was very excited to attend the event and shoot some photos. There were both men's and women's teams from nations like Canada, Japan, and the U.S playing each other. Much to my surprise, I saw Mimi and Shan playing for a local team! They were both members of the Pacific University Women's Lacrosse, a team which I photographed for four years. It was nice catching up with Mimi and Shan, and it really lifted my spirits to see them still playing the sport they love so much...

The Japanese team

in case you were wondering what the name of the tournament was...

Canada was a tough team to beat...

Big glass at the tournament

reminds me of an image I took of Monica when I shooting for the Pacific Women's LAX..
team photo!
who is this? ;)

The ball's in there somewhere...

The forecast? Sunny Skies.

churning up the grass


  1. I love these pics reese! I miss all of your sports pics! I also miss lacrosse :( haha mimi's gotten so skinny! haha keep getting out there reese :)

  2. I bet Canada was tough... that's their official sport! Didn't know that till I was in Vancouver on the trip though, thought it was hockey :/



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