A Bit of Montana

From time to time, I get unusual assignments to shoot. This was one of them. In June 2010, Derek (second from right), and his fiancée Kathryn, flew me up to Montana to shoot their wedding at the Naegeli Ranch. While I was there, Derek's parents requested for me to shoot a family portrait of them. Except it had a twist. They envisioned felling a tree and posing next to it with chainsaws and flannel shirts. I had no idea what to expect, but the next morning, everyone got dressed up, and Jacob (far left) cut a tree down with his handy chainsaw. We shot this photo with a bunch of the ranch cattle staring at us :)

I'll be posting more photos from the archives to give some variation to my "Photo of the Day." Stay tuned!

Image info: Nikon D300, Tamron 17-50mm @ f8, ISO 400, 1/250 sec. SB600 fired through softbox camera left.


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