Four Generations at Sunrise

I did a recent sunrise photoshoot for Lisa (center) and her family. The exciting thing about this shoot was that four generations of her family were present (featured in this photo). That's something you don't see everyday :)

We shot early at 7:15AM to catch the morning light over at Bellows in Waiamanalo. I did some candids of the family after the posed photos were done, at Lisa's request. The shoot went smoothly, and Lisa's family was a joy to work with! Thank you to my sister, Lindsey, for helping me out with the photoshoot that morning :)

Image info: posed photos taken with Nikon D300, Tamron 17-50mm. SB900 fired through 41 inch umbrella camera left, sunlight used as a kicker. candids taken with Nikon D300 and 80-200mm.


  1. Reese! They are wonderful - that morning light is so perfect it almost looks surreal in a couple of the photos. I absolutely love the shots of Alec with my mom and my grandma. Can't wait to see the rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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