North Shore Waves!

My first photo post of the New Year! I decided to tweak my blog a little so I could post bigger photos :)

Anyway, here's some images from another exciting day of surf photography! Last Wednesday, Guy Hagi said waves would be up on the North Shore, so my dad and I headed out to Pipeline. Got there just in time to shoot some big waves before the lifeguards ordered the surfers out of the water.

Watching those surfers do what they love the most is really inspiring, and I always try to remind myself how lucky I am to live in a place where these waves are just a short drive away.

All shots were taken with my D300 and 80-200mm inside an Op/Tech Rain Sleeve, because as you know, salt spray does wonders to the delicate workings of the camera. 


  1. I love surf photos! Thanks for being my outlet to get my fix LoL. Definitely diggin' the coffee on the tri-pod joint, funny stuff.



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