Collision Course

Headed out to the North Shore with my dad, after we heard a large swell was coming in today. We decided to change things up and left later, arriving at Pipeline closer to noon. After some angry rain clouds moved on, the sunlight came through and we had wonderful light on the waves.

The image above happened when a surfer decided to catch an incoming wave that collided with a receding one. He was tossed into the air like a little doll, and the crowd gasped, because he really got some air on impact.

If you are reading this post, I'd like you to leave a caption of what this guy was thinking while he was flying into the air. I'll start :)


  1. Damn, I can see China from up here!

  2. where's up?! where's down?! AHHHHH...

  3. Why the heck are my feet touching the wave and not my board!?



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