GoPro HD Hero Camera!

I've been eying this little guy for months, and finally decided to go ahead and buy one last week. It just came in the mail, and I am STOKED to have this GoPro HD Hero Camera in my lineup! As a photographer, I'm always trying to find refreshing ways to capture pictures, and so I thought I'd get a camera that would allow me to do this in conditions that I wouldn't dare bring my D300's.

Here's what special about this camera:

--it can shoot HD video (up to 1080p) and still images (5 Megapixels
--has a fisheye lens w/fast 2.8 aperture
--the casing is waterproof to 180 ft and is shockproof. 
--available with custom mounts which you can stick on almost anything. 
--it's so tiny  you can hid it in the palm of your hand.
--no viewfinder or LCD screen on back to see photos, so you gotta shoot blind, and pray for the best :)

Here's to pushing creativity to the limits...stay tuned for images from my GoPro!


  1. very nice reese! super awesome!!! :) I can't wait to see all your awesome new photos from this camera :D

  2. Wow, not even a viewfinder? Haha, that's so intense!!
    can't wait to see what pics come outta this GoPro :P

  3. One of my friends has one of these. He mounts it to his bike to document any irresponsible drivers he comes into contact with... but I really just think it's an excuse for having a cool gadget.

    Anywho, how was your time for the Aloha Run? I finished with 1 hour 17 min... not too shabby. I would have wanted a better time, but then again I didn't really train for this one :-/ Next time!

    Also, where can I see the pics we took last week? Kinda anxious to see 'em :D

  4. Hey Lolly,

    I got 1 hr 5 min :) It was a struggle since I miscalculated the last couple miles, but it was a great run! I'll send you a photo CD sometime next week.



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