A Whole New Ballgame!

Took the GoPro out for a spin these past couple of days, and I must say, it's quite a challenge to use! I can't see what the camera sees (in the absence of a viewfinder and LCD screen), and there is no manual control on the camera. I basically point it at something and pray the GoPro can figure out how to meter the scene correctly.

However, I absolutely love the mystery behind not seeing the images until I upload them to my computer...reminds me when I shot B&W and slide film in college :) The GoPro is also crazy small and I can just throw it in my school bag and take it wherever I go. Plus it doesn't weight 3 lbs. like my D300 :) Finally, the fisheye effect is way cool, and I can't wait to play around with the perspective more.

I'll be posting a GoPro image every week, so stay tuned for more!

**note: the GoPro shoots in color, but I converted these shots to B&W because I liked the lines in each photo.


  1. dayum!!!! dude i wish i were as bad ass as you! :D

  2. Reminds me of lomography and my Diana F+ plastic fantastic :) Isn't fisheye wonderful!!!

    I might to take a look at one of these, lol. Elena would probably kill me though if I got one hahaha.



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