A Little Bit of Home

Home is home. For me, home is Hawaii, and I am always trying to remind myself how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. I captured the image above to show one element that makes Hawaii special to me: the plumeria. Every time I breathe in the fragrance, a part of my childhood comes drifting back...

What reminds you of home?


  1. hi resse! your photos are amazing!!! and i really like your blog! i still want to buy a print... let me know your pricing!

  2. Thank you Alisa! I just sent you the info :)

  3. Love this! One of my all time favorite flowers is the plumeria!

  4. This is calling me back home...
    The sky is a beautiful blue color!

    lol, so many things remind me of home in general...
    in my room i have pics of shave ice... the beach, mt. Olomana.. etc xD

  5. was missing HI so much this weekend and then i found your blog...now i miss it even more...my house will be filled w/Reese originals...



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