40mm @ f0.88?

This image is from a recent engagement shoot I did with Marcene and Tom at Kahala! According to the Depth of Field calculator, the equivalent focal length and aperture needed for this shot is 40mm @ f0.88...too bad a lens like that doesn't exist.

See if you can figure out how I captured this image...

**Hint: look at the shape of the image...


  1. Not sure. Is this the zoom-pano trick? You zoomed way in and then put them all together? What depth of field calculator?

  2. I know how! But only because you told me... ;) Beautiful picture, Reese!!

  3. You nailed it Jared! This is a panorama stitch of 6 images taken with the 85mm 1.4. It is the only way to get this crazy shallow depth of field. This is based on the Brenizer Method, after Ryan Brenizer, the photographer who invented it. I'll explain more about it in a later post!

  4. I was gonna say panorama, and then I came and read these comments and got confirmed XD

    did you use that photomerge thingy in photoshop?

  5. yes I did! the pano engine in CS3 supposedly does the best job for these kinds of shots...

  6. haha, oh alrighty. i just discovered that feature last year cause there was a panorama contest on deviantart.

    super cool!



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