2011 UH Commencement Ceremony!

UH Graduation has got to be one of the coolest events I've ever covered. Tons of graduates walk the grounds of their university one last time, preparing to enter the real world, as family and friends cheer them on. I see it like a BIG wedding...everyone is upbeat, dressed nicely (well mostly) and ready to celebrate a special occasion.

A nice surprise for me was seeing some of my old high school friends, and getting a few moments to catch up with them in the midst of the event. It's always interesting to hear where my friends decide to go after they graduate, especially since I knew what they were passionate about in high school...

Image info for photos: D300 w/17-35 2.8, D700 w/70-200 2.8 VR. Outdoor photos taken around ISO 400, indoor stuff shot at ISO 5000-6400. 

Thanks for stoppin by! Congratulations to the UH Class of 2011!!

This was the centennial commencement ceremony for UH, so they had a special procession with banners! 

didn't have to ask to take people's photos...they were asking me :)

professors in their regalia! 

College of Ed!!! 

congrats Travis!!


tried my luck with pan shots...

...and motion in the frame. 

Ohana :)

the profs applaud the graduates as they exit to the field...

itching to greet the graduates

can you say crowded?

managed to snap some shots of my friends after the ceremony...here is Alexis with Joanna and Matt! 

Danny and family!

departing the field...

...and gridlocked after graduation. Thanks for reading guys!!


  1. One of your most amazing shoots yet!

  2. These are really great shots!!
    I liked the ones of people on their cells and waving to people. And everyone looks so soooo happy!

    Wow, graduation has been giving me chills lately.
    I'm not sure if it's because I know so many friends that are this year, or the idea of me graduating next year.

    Everyone's growing up!



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