A Dreamy Start

During wedding ceremonies, I usually focus on the wedding party coming down the isle, but since Jen and Khoa had a very shiny stairway for their ceremony, I decided to change things up :) Stay tuned for a full post from their wedding tomorrow!

In other news...
I'm finally getting caught up with my editing! About a week ago,  I had a dozen shoots to edit. Since then, I've managed to reduce that number down to three, thanks to the amazing program, Adobe Lightroom 3 :) Seriously, this program is crazy efficient and very well planned out...it has made me rethink the word "workflow." A shout-out to the folks at Adobe for making an incredible product!!!

Image info: Nikon D300 | 70-200 VRII | f3.2 | ISO 250 | 1/1600 sec


  1. I like the angle and the dop~!

    nice prelude to the rest.. cant wait to see em!



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