Guest Post with Ryan Moore!

What an honor to be asked by Reese to write a guest blog post!  I have admired Reese for many years since he was only a freshman in college and I was a senior just trying to finish my graduation requirements.  It has been such an amazing thing to see his talent grow on a continuous basis, and the most over the last year!  Reese embodies what it means to chase your dreams and follow your heart as he continues to pursue work as a full-time free lance photographer.  If anyone had the mix of pure talent, hard work, and true passion, it is Reese.

Although I am a physical therapist by trade, which often requires a very rigid, scientific, and technical approach, photography has been my chance to explore a creative and artistic side I wasn't sure I had.  What made me fall in love with photography, and will continue to do so, is the renewed appreciation for the everyday world around me.  Colors, shadows, falling light, movement, lines, people...seemingly everything jumps out at me with a vibrance I have yet to be able to describe with words.  In a large way, tapping into this new practiced creativity has changed the way I think, and even the way I look at and treat patients.

At 26 years old, I can sense my life shifting into the next gear; careers, engagements, weddings, and now, with great excitement, new life...babies!  Being that I am still very young in photography, I have jumped at the chance to do anything different to expand my experience.  The first thing I quickly learned about newborns is getting them while sleeping is paramount for those peaceful, dreamy moments.  And for dreamy, I definitely reach for my 50mm, f1/.4, a must-have lens in the bag.  Another important thing that the f1.4 allows me to do is keep things looking sharp in low-light situations.  The more natural, quiet, and unobtrusive you can be with a baby is best.

Kaulana - 3 weeks50mm, f3.2, 1/100 sec. 

Eli - 4 weeks, 50mm, f2.8, 1/80 sec

Another thing that parents especially love, is the details of their baby!  The toes, the fingers, their precious eyes, and of course the nose everyone says they got from their dad.  And did I mention I love babies in black and white?  All the beautiful little details seem to glow with the simplicity of B&W.

Eli - 7 months50mm, f4.5, 1/320 sec.

The best thing about babies?  Watching them grow up!  This next set is baby Eli at 7 months.  One thing to keep in mind with babies is your photoshoot is dictated by THEIR schedule, NOT yours!  It's best to communicate with the parents the time of day when their newbown is most content...for Eli, that is about 10-11am, after he's gotten a chance to be fed and well rested.  I anticipate to get anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes or so of really quality time when the newborn is happy and willing to be photographed.  Their favorite toys, blankets, and happy parents are a must to keep them motivated.  Eli's favorite was a picture card with a "kitty" on it that he absolutely went bonkers happy for.  At some point they will start to get grumpy, so it's best not to push through that for everyone's sake. :)

Eli - 7 months, 50mm, f2.2, 1/2500

Another fun thing I didn't consider before this particular shoot was props.  Eli's parents were great about bringing along some really creative ideas to dress up Eli as an extension of themselves.  They both have loved soccer all their life, and continue to participate at a very high level in both the MISO and WISA division 1 leagues.  Eli's dad is from the Northwest, so it's only fitting Eli got to wear Seattle Sounders gear.  To give the photograph more fun elements, we included a mini-soccer ball and goal in the background.  The bounce house off in the background added a fun, keiki-like colors to dress up all the blues and greens in shot without being overwhelming.  Being as we were at a very crowded Magic Island on Sunday morning, getting a good amount of background "blur" was important.  Enter the nifty-fifty f1.4 again! I can't stop raving about that lens.

As our favorite babies continue to grow up, I hope to continue helping their parents capture memories that only a photograph could. Thank you again to Reese for letting me guest blog!  What an honor!


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