A Concept Revisited

What's one way to grow as an artist? Take your best work, and make it even stronger. This is what I did with the motion concept shoot. Last week, Maenani and I reshot the same concept, but with a variety of improvements in mind. These included:

--shooting farther back to capture more fabric and scenery
--reducing distortion on Maenani by shooting from a medium height
--using bare strobes to mimic sunlight

The winds were vicious...35-40 mph, and Maenani was almost knocked over several times because the fabric acted like a giant sail! But we got the shot we were looking for :D

Image info: D300 | 17-55 | f11 | ISO 200 | 1/250 sec
2X SB900 fired bare @ 1/2 power, camera right


  1. Beautiful photo, Reese! I like this one a lot more than the previous one. Good work improving it!

  2. The added scenery really helps to make the photo more dynamic and adds a lot of motion!

  3. Get your cloud guy to add more, beef up the bokeh and back up even more (hopefully not falling off the hill) and you got a Titanic look ;-)

    Awesome O C & C.... i mean Re-Capture!!

  4. Thanks guys!

    And Steve, never thought of that perspective lol...although I think need the ship in the frame too hehe ;)



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