Greeting the Wind

I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to see an idea come to life! For a couple months, I had this concept in mind of fusing fabric, motion, and beauty to create some dramatic imagery. It took a while for all the pieces to come together, but when it did, it was amazing :) Maenani modeled in the fabric, and Kay assisted with lighting, which turned out to be a godsend in the 30 mph winds that we had that day. 

If there's one thing I've learned from this, it's that our best work, as artists, often comes from things that present the biggest challenges to us. This shoot had so many different elements and took several weeks to plan, but everyone involved gave it 110% and we came away with some very dramatic imagery that we are all be very proud of.

Thanks for reading guys :D

If you were wondering about the set up for this shoot....
--Nikon D300 w/17-55mm 2.8
--Kay held a SB900 w/24 inch softbox on a light stand (she almost blew away in the wind lol)
--strobe fired manually at 1/2 or full power.
--camera set on f22, ISO 200, 1/250 sec
--SB900 triggered with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5


  1. These are freaking amazing, Reese!!! You'll have to teach me how to do this some day!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2.'ve leveled up. Wow!

  3. Reese, awesome!!! :) Your work just keeps getting better and better and better and better! Each album I see! haha :) You're great!!


  4. So happy to see the rest of these!!

    They are amazing! The use of the lighting and the fabric and the model all together are great!
    The wind can be super tricky and unpredictable,and looks like you guys handled it really well and made it look so easy! haha

    It's cool to see the plan you talked about come to life! :) Great job!!!

  5. haha this is pretty crazy reese!!! is this on koko head? or diamond head? That must've been freezing!

  6. Thanks Christine! These were shot on Kokohead. The weather was actually quite nice, with the sun out :)

  7. These are exquisite! You trekked all the way to the top of koko head? It looks worth it!



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