Exploring Waikiki with Kelli!

Back in September, Kelli and I went on a photo op in Waikiki to catch the sunset! There was a ton of stuff to shoot, and it was very nice to enjoy the sunset in Waikiki for a change (I'm usually shooting a wedding if I'm in Waikiki). I decided to take only one lens, the Siggy 85mm 1.4 (a medium telephoto), but ironically I ended up shooting a lot of landscape stuff, so I had to be selective of what went in the frame. 

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday!

(Brenizer Method: 12 frames stitched together. Equivalent DOF = f0.6 @ 40mm)

The water looked so cool with the sunset reflecting off it! 


  1. What took you so long to put these up!?? They came out so nice! I really like the lighting in these, and the colors came out so pretty in some of them.

    I like the first one, the Bokeh on the blue water, the leaves, and all the clouds are so captivating and dynamic.

    could you email me the Brenizer one please? :)

  2. lol so I posted the preview (silhouette of the guy and the sunset), but somehow forgot to post the rest! :P

    just emailed you the Brenizer image :)



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