Inspiration to Innovation: Chancellor's Report 2011

Last month, UH hired me to shoot photos for the 2011 Chancellor's Report! The report was to be used for APEC, so I was really stoked to shoot this project! I did shoots at five locations, over the course of three days. It was really hectic, but a lot of fun :) Sherrie Dodo, from UH Creative Services, was the art director on the shoots and assisted me with lighting and set up.

One of the coolest location shoots by far, was with Rick Rocheleau (pictured above), head of the Hawaii Fuel Cell Test Facility. Tons of computers, generators, machines, and tanks provided a lot of opportunities for interesting shots.  The contraption that Rick is holding is a fuel cell, and a machine pushes hydrogen through the cell to create electricity.

You can check out the Chancellor's Report (with my photos!) here

Dr. Olga Boric-Lubecke, electrical engineer at UH Manoa. Here's the post I did of Olga and her husband, Victor. 

Yuriy Mikhaylov, UH Doctorate student who is researching tsunami-resistant structures. He is currently analyzing video footage and physical evidence from the Japan tsunami with College of Engineering Professor Ian Robertson. 
Professor Anne Misawa (pictured upper left) and her students from the Academy for Creative Media traveled to Shangai for three weeks and worked alongside students from Shanghai University on three short films. 

Students from the UH School of Nursing working in a new, state-of-the-art simulation room in Webster Hall. The manikin they are working on is no ordinary model...Sim Man costs $60K, and has a pulse, can sweat, cry, and breathe! 


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