Innovative Healing

Here's a preview of a project that I shot for UH last month! The Chancellor's Office was putting together an annual report about innovation in the science fields for APEC, and hired me to shoot photos for the report. The first shoot I did was with electrical engineers Victor and Olga (pictured above) in their acoustics lab on campus. They are researching the use of non-contact radar systems for unobtrusive, medical, emotional, and cognitive assessment. 

Image info:
D300 | 17-50 | f4 | ISO 400 | 1/50 sec
SB900 fired thru softbox high camera right. SB600 fired bare into background behind subjects. Triggered w/Nikon CLS (radio triggers couldn't work in the lab b/c the walls absorb the signal).

Stay tuned for more images from the project!


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