Defying Gravity

Wow. It's been such a crazy month!! 12 shoots so far, ranging from a 1 hour family shoot, to an 8 hour wedding, to a 2 day commercial shoot for UH! Lots goin on, and I need to catch up on my editing. Currently 7 shoots behind in post production, but the next couple of weeks look pretty mellow, so hopefully I'll be able to use that time to get caught up :) 

The image above is a testament to some of the crazy stuff that I've been able to shoot this month! Last night, I did a publicity shoot for the production Winter Footholds at Kennedy Theatre. When Peggy, the production coordinator, mentioned that they were gonna do a group photo, I had no idea "group photo" meant dancers suspended in a rope rigging from the ceiling holding abstract poses :D

If I remember correctly...

SB900 fired bare camera left. SB900 thru softbox camera right. Nikon D300 & 17-55 f2.8


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