Melissa and Josh Married!

Melissa has been one of my close friends since our freshman year of high school. We hung out the with the same circle of friends, and I remember we used to cram in homework in the cafeteria before Period 1, or hang out at the lockers after school, or have long chats on AIM about anything and everything. Nine years later, Melissa got engaged to Josh and asked me to be her wedding photographer. I was thrilled and said yes, but it still didn't completely sink in that she was getting married. It wasn't until Melissa started walking down the aisle, in her wedding dress, alongside her father, that it hit of my closest friends is REALLY getting married.

The wedding was held at the Turtle Bay Resort, and I must say, was one of the most colorful weddings I've ever shot (after you look over this post, you'll know Melissa's favorite color). From the hilarious "shoe game", to the dramatic sky and sunset during formals, Melissa's wedding was nothing short of memorable for everyone. A big mahalo to David Lau for being my second shooter...a good chunk of these images were taken by him :)

Melissa, I'm gonna be honest...I cried at your wedding. I cried because I am so happy for you, and will miss you as you move on to another chapter of your life. Congratulations again to you and Josh!! 

Make up & hair by Face Art Beauty

Purple, just for you, Melissa :D


  1. Nice work as always Reese! And CONGRATS to Josh and Melissa! Thanks for letting me tag along :)

  2. LOVE it REESE!! You pretty much captured everything right :)

  3. Thank you so much Reese and David!!! You both did an AMAZING job at capturing those special moments at our wedding!!! Thank you for all your hard work!

  4. I really like the image with the shoes~!
    It's so simple, yet effective! Great idea with the mirror and the bridal party too!

    and of course the one with the bride at sunset is stunning :)

  5. David: thank YOU for backing me up! :)
    zbeaute: Thanks Zairrah!!
    Melissa: We're so happy you love the images!!
    Kelli: hehe you pretty much pointed out my favorite images of the bunch ;)

  6. amazing as usual reese. :) such a pro.



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