Model Shoot with May + Behind the Scenes!

I've had this fascination with water for a really long time, so it was only a matter of time before I decided to do a concept model shoot based on water. The whole thing took 2 months to plan, but the final product was definitely worth the wait! A big mahalo to the team that made it happen:
Model: May Caneso
Make up: Krystale
Assistant (lighting and water): Rei Mooney

I tried something different for this shoot, and made an effort to get behind the scenes photos. There's a lot of work that is not apparent by just looking at the final images, so I wanted to give some insight to what goes during a large-scale shoot.

Happy Monday!!

Krystale and May came about an hour and half early to do make up...

Got a couple of good headshots before we decided to test how waterproof make up can be :)

I can tell you lying in this position for a couple hours is not comfortable haha. Photo by Rei

So first we tried using a cooler of water...

Didn't turn out very well...
We also found that splashing from the front was a bad idea lol. Eventually, we decided it was best to just splash water from behind. Rei became a master splasher by the end of our shoot :)
After a while, we started to get the hang of it :D

The black swimsuit photos were all lit the same way: SB900 thru 24 inch softbox camera left. SB(00 fired bare behind and to the right of May. Both flashes fired at manual, full power. PW TT5 triggers used

May dancing around to stay warm in the water :)

The water got cold...

Looking for fishes in the pool...

Test shot!!




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