Jackie and Cole Engaged!

Wow. Where to begin? Jackie and Cole were soooo much fun to work with! The shoot consisted of numerous jumps, goofy faces, Kung-Fu Panda-inspired poses, and endless laughter...Jackie and Cole made it so easy for me to shoot the photos :)

The e-shoot began at Kahala Beach, and ended at KCC. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather the entire time, and I ended up barely using my strobes towards the end of the shoot, because the sunset light was so gorgeous :) Alan and Trevor from Isle Media shot video alongside me during the shoot, so it was good fun, as always, to collaborate with them!

Being the engagement and wedding photographer for Jackie  has special meaning to me, because Jackie is David's sister. David is one of the main reasons why I am in wedding photography. He first took me on as a second shooter almost 3 years ago when I had no knowledge of the industry, and now we are very good friends, and regularly shoot weddings together. I've can't begin to describe how much I've learned from David, and it is an honor that he and his family chose me to shoot Jackie's wedding in May :)

Anyways, onto the photos!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Brenizer method! I think this one is 14 frames shot with the Siggy 85mm 1.4. Stitched in CS3. Click for a BIGGER size! 


  1. Reese! These pictures look amazing! It was so awesome working with you. I never thought that Cole and I would have such a great time getting our pictures taken but it was truly so fun! Thank you so much for making the experience laid back and unforgettable. We are so happy with all of the pictures that we've seen so far and we can't wait to see the rest! Looking forward to having you shoot the wedding!!!!

  2. So stoked on these Reese! Thanks so much for shooting my sis' wedding!

  3. We had such an amazing time at the shoot. The shots look better than we ever imagined. We are so excited to do the wedding shots.

  4. awesome. good job reese. what a goofy couple....but they sure look happy.

  5. @Jackie & Cole: You guys were seriously a TON of fun to work with :D Stoked for the wedding!

    @David: you get to be IN the wedding this time! ;)

    @Lans & Jayci: Thank you!!

  6. You two are ADORABLE! Beautiful photographs.



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