The Mirrored Bride

Inside my thought process for this shot:

Hmm, let's see, I want Heather's dress to flow somehow. She could stand, but lying down would do this best. Now, where to put her? That couch is pretty fancy, let's try that. Where shall the camera be? Straight on, wide shot, that dress is HUGE. Oh wait! That table in front of the couch has a reflective glass top! *looks down at the level of the glass* Ok, almost got a full reflection, but gotta push the table closer to Heather. *pushes table* Ok flash thru softbox for some soft, but restricted light...just wanna light Heather, and leave the room dark. *clicks shutter* Heather!!!! OMG you GOTTA see this!

Sounds crazy, but it all makes sense to me somehow :)

Stay tuned for more from Heather and Keoni's wedding!!


  1. ok...seriously reese, where were you in 2005 when i got married? oh, nevermind, you were still in high school! if and when we can make it back to hawaii, i'm gonna hire you to take pics of our family!

  2. Sounds good Ricardo! Hope all is well with you and your family!

  3. This is one of my favorite photos that you have ever taken.



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