Ocean's Motion

Recently did a publicity shoot for the Kennedy Theatre production called Ocean's Motion. It was way cool to work with the blue fabric and capture it in motion. Made me think back to my model shoot with Maenani, where I first started playing with the concept of fluidity and motion. Ocean's Motion was a pretty large scale shoot, with the publicity team, costume designers, actors, and the production director. Nothing like true team effort :)

Image info: Nikon D300 | 17-55 | f4 | ISO 800 | 1/200 sec
Softboxed SB900 camera right, bare SB900 camera left.

Speaking of D300, the one I sent in for repair at the Nikon Cali facility a couple weeks ago, came back and the autofocus is spot on!! Nikon even was kind enough to clean my camera at no extra charge :D


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