SOEST Commercial Shoot for Jahren Lab!

UH Professor Hope Jahren (pictured above) was looking to do a total revamp of her website, and needed updated images of her lab and lab technicians. I was hired for this project, and after some planning, we decided to get all the images over a two day shoot. I had a ton of fun, working at two sites (lab and greenhouse), while spending time with the lab technicians and learning what kind of research they were doing :)

A big mahalo to everyone at the Jahren lab for an awesome shoot! 

Caleb's hibiscus studies

Not exactly sure what Bill is doing, but I do know it's quite complicated. 

Brian splicing wood samples

testing water samples

Ben monitoring CO2 levels at the greenhouse

Did some close up shots of the lab equipment for the website...

wood samples

this piece of wood is over 3 million years old!! 



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