UH Sand Volleyball Debut at Waikiki!!

Given all the portraits and weddings that I've been doing recently, it was very refreshing to shoot something new: sand volleyball. A couple weeks ago, UH held their inaugural sand volleyball tournament, which included teams from HPU, Nittaidai (Japanese college), and UH. My family watches the Rainbow Wahine Volleyball team on TV a lot during the season, so it was very exciting to see players like Mita Uiato and Jane Croson in action!

These community events are great because you are free to roam around the court and get different angles, instead of being restricted to the bleachers like a traditional sporting event. Brought only my D300 and 70-200 VRII with me, so it forced me to find interesting angles and compositions. Sun was scorching and there was a ton of people, but I had a blast! Enjoy the photos :)

Happy Monday guys!


  1. There are so many favorites! But the FEET!!! AHHH INCREDIBLE!

  2. Thanks Claire!! Yeah the feet shot took me the longest to get lol but I was so excited when I finally got it!

  3. Pro shots Reese, really enjoyed it! Jane my fav indoors and out. :)))

  4. Your pics are WAAAAAAAYYYYY better than the Athletics Department's SID photographer. But then again, I think everyone's pics are better than his.



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