Why Hello D700 :)

I first started shooting DX (crop sensor) cameras in 2008. 4 years and 131,200 photos later, I began to realize that my line of work (weddings) is asking for more than my present cameras (D300) can offer. Enter the D700. After a lot of planning and thought, I decided to bring FX (full frame) onto my gear team, and purchased the D700, which just came in the mail. I've been wanting this camera for some time now, because it is essentially a D3 sensor in a D300 body! Since I've shot so much with the D300, the D700 feels quite familiar in my hands. Controls and dials, with the exception to a couple buttons, are pretty much the same, and I love that.

The D700 is going into the field asap...shooting senior photos with it today, and then a big wedding on Saturday!

Yay for full frame :)


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