Childhood Awe

I loved these construction machines when I was a to the point where I had a sizable toy collection of these machines, and my dad would take me to construction sites to watch these machines at work. Although I'm not obsessed with them anymore, I still think they're pretty cool :)

Shot this image when I was exploring out on the west side a few months ago...had my wide angle lens handy so I was able to have fun with perspective and depth.

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!


  1. cool shot. Where was this at? My dad is a heavy equipment operator so he runs these machines. Haha. It might have been at his job site. Awesome shot

  2. thanks Aaron! This was taken at Waipahu High School (was waiting for my sister to finish her ACT test)...they were doing renovations in front of the school.

  3. What kind of lens did you use for this? You know how I love wide angle :) Is it fixed?



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