Through the Eyes of Usain Bolt

A couple days ago, I remember seeing Usain Bolt on TV, snapping photos with a very big camera during his victory lap, following the men's 200m final. I was trying to figure out how he got the camera, and finally found the answer online. Turns out, Bolt happily borrowed the camera (a Nikon D4+14-24mm) from Swedish photographer Jimmy Wixtrom to capture his moment of glory around the track. Apparently, the two have a history going back about a year, and Wixtrom was thrilled by the opportunity of having Bolt use his camera. You can check out the full story here, and see photos that Bolt shot here.

Granted, they're not the most spectacular photos, but they sure are cool, as they show the perspective of the fastest man in the world :)


  1. Very interesting stuff, I was wondering the same thing, but now stand informed.:)

  2. Oh wow, I didn't actually see him doing this. That's pretty cool though!

    Him and his team were amazing in the 4x100 relay!



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