Exploring Phuket!

It is Day 3 of my trip to Asia with the Isle Media team, and all I can say is that it's been pretty amazing! Thailand is such a colorful nation, from its bold cooking, to its vibrant clothing. We stayed on Naka Yai Island for the past three days, and I must say that it was really invigorating! There was no electricity in our cabin (we used oil lamp and flashlights once the sun went down), and there were times when there wasn't any water in the showers! Throw in some amazing beaches and forests to explore, and time really ground to a standstill on the island. It really gives the feel that you see in commercials, where people are sipping on beer in beach chairs and staring out into the ocean. Today, we flew north across Thailand to Chiang Mai, and will be exploring a couple temples tomorrow!

The three photos in this post were taken at different times of the day in Phuket. I shot Alan's portrait at Sunrise, Jack shot mine around noon, and I took Jack's picture towards sunset


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