A New Avenue

A couple weeks ago, at the advice of a couple friends in the model industry, I decided to contact Niche Models & Talent about possibly doing test shoots with them. I had already worked with three models from that agency (Kass, Allx, and my good friend Alexis), and really enjoyed the presence they each brought to the camera. I was very excited when I got an email from Niche, saying that they were interested in my work! Today, I met with Shawna, owner of Niche, at the agency office. She gave me a bunch of comp cards from models (displayed above) who are interested in doing test shoots, and we chatted about setting up some future collaborations. Up till now, all my model work has been through either Model Mayhem or Facebook, so I'm really stoked to see where this new avenue will take me. Happy Aloha Friday guys! 


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