Afternoon Warmth and Night Lights

So I have this to-do list that I made for summer...didn't get very much of it done. I think it was it was too ambitious, but you gotta shoot for the stars right? I did, however, manage to check off a few things, one of them being a night portrait. I saw a ton of cool night lights after my shoot with Lexy by Ward Center, and decided that I had to go back for some night shots. It had been a while since I worked with my friend Alexis, so I pitched a couple wardrobe ideas to her, and we shot the concept on a pleasant, Saturday afternoon. Claire assisted me on this shoot, and even got to take some photos herself :)

A big mahalo to Alexis and's always a pleasure to collaborate with you both!

Image info: D300, Sigma 85mm 1.4, Nikon 50mm 1.8G, PW triggers.
*With the exception of a couple images, everything in this post is straight off the camera :)

one reason why I love working with Alexis...she keeps the shoots upbeat and interesting :)

you can see the B&W version here

Thanks for stoppin by...Happy Sunday! 


  1. Nice shoot, that last one was pretty cool in B+W.

  2. She's so gorgeous!
    stunning shots!!
    I really love the 6th photo from the top
    and the bokeh~!

    And as much as I love the B&W version, I really love the colors and the lights in the last shot.
    Nice Work!

  3. Chris: thanks! Just checked out your blog...I love your work!

    Kelli: thank you! always great to hear from you. The 6th is also one of my favorites b/c I was able to get the mood I was going for :)



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