Among Giants

Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA for a past couple of weeks. Just got back from an awesome trip with my family to Oregon and California! My sister, Avis, just graduated from Pacific U (Elementary Ed Major), so we flew up for the ceremony and went sightseeing up and down the Oregon/Cali coast. The photo above was taken at Redwood National Park, one of the highlights on the trip for me. This place humbles you as much as it amazes you. For all that we are capable of, we still are incredibly tiny next to nature. Shot this photo of my mom walking through one of the forests...

In other news...
I'll be shooting a wedding in the Virgin Islands this October for Isle Media!!! Alan notified me a couple days ago that the couple just bought our plane tickets, so I am STOKED. Never thought I'd be shooting a wedding in the Caribbean, and am honored that a couple is willing to fly us almost halfway around the world to document their big day :)

More photos from my trip to come later! 


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