Thailand Trip Part 1

On March 7th, Alan, Jack and I embarked on an adventure to Thailand and India (Trevor would join us later in India). This trip was centered around the birth of Alan's baby girls, Ava and Addison, and also presented a chance for us to see a part of Asia. We spent the first week in Thailand, meeting Alan's family, walking the streets of his childhood memories, and exploring the colorful culture of the Land of Smiles.

Two weeks later, I came back to Hawaii with over 2000 photos, trying to figure out how I wanted to blog such a large body of work. I realized it'd be best to split the photos from this trip, so this post will be the first of four. A lot of photos are narrated, so I will let them do the talking :)

There's quite a bit of images here, so take your time :) Enjoy!

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Alan // Jack // Trevor (videography/photography)

striking a pose at Honolulu Airport before we departed on the 7th...

Alan's aunty picked us up at the airport, and Jack and I got a taste of the fast driving in Thailand haha.

locking the gate at the house, during morning traffic. 

exploring one of many marketplaces in Bangkok

Alan's aunty likes to buy a lot of stuff lol

Not sure how someone can sleep on one of those motorcycles...

Driving around town...

chilling at Alan's relatives' house

photoshoot with the guys

outside the palace

prepping for our trip to Phuket

Taxis were all Toyota Corollas, and they were either bright pink, or yellow and green!

riding the Sky Train to the airport...

barely made it to the gate lol

Bangkok's airport has really cool architecture! 

The boat we took to Naka Island, and the outer islands in Phuket

stoked to be on the boat in the open water :)

arrival at Naka's pretty much paradise here :)

Alan at sunrise the next morning.

relaxing at our tent cabin

lit by the ipad screen...

time lapse at sunrise! 

greeting the morning

yes, we had hammocks :)

breakfast at the resort's restaurant

unwinding, back at the cabin :)

time really seems to slow down on this island...

exploring the other islands in Phuket

caves and stalagmites

arrival at the floating town! 

lunch time!

our guide showing us the town's marketplace

tour boats that brought the army of tourists to the town

We found this really cool mangrove that can only be seen during low tide, and by walking through a cave. Felt like we were in an Indiana Jones movie! 

tilty portraits

Naka Island Resort's two dogs (Dara, pictured here, and Chaiya) tagged along with us while we explored the island! They showed us the way, and always kept a watchful eye on us. 


low tide at the boat harbor...pretty cool :)

The barnacles indicate how drastic low and high tide is...

Anything to get the shot :)

One of the memories of this trip? Alan and Jack's insanely competitive chess matches lol. They started playing one night, and kept playing till the restaurant closed on us! Here they played by oil lamp light...

The woke up early the next morning, and started playing again...

played through breakfast...

And through lunch lol

Group photo with the Resort's manager, Elle. She really helped us out and came to see us off!

Bound for Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Stay tuned for Part II! 


  1. What A great quality Time U have there Reese..Nice Photo




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