Packing Heavy, but Traveling Light

My Thailand/India trip back in March was the first time I was attempting to travel internationally with the gear that I've acquired over the years. The problem was that I brought WAY too much with me! Below is a list of camera stuff that I hauled off to Asia with me:

--D700 2X
--24-70mm 2.8
--28mm 1.8G
--35mm 1.4G
--45mm 2.8 PC-E
--50mm 1.8G
--85mm 1.4G
--3 Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 triggers (1 transmitter, 2 transceivers)
--AA eneloop batteries x16
--D700 batteries x4
--Lumiquest Softbox III
--8 GB Sandisk CF cards x10
--Pixel Pocket Rocket
--chargers for AA & D700 batteries
--outlet adapter
--gaffer tape
--320 GB Colorspace UDMA backup drive
--Pelican 1510 case
--Thinktank Airport 20 shoulder bag

At first, I was attempting to use all of the gear (especially my lenses), since I had brought them. However, after some trial and error, I found that a very simple set up worked really well for me (especially with the weight factor).  Below is what I carried around and used for 75% of the trip.

Some notes:
--the blue pouch is the bag's rain cover, which came in very handy during some downpours in Bangkok.
--Since we ate a lot on the go, and there weren't many chances to clean our hands (esp. in India), the hand sanitizer came in handy. 
--used gaffer tape to hide the logo on my camera
--All the CF cards from the trip stayed in my day bag, and I backed up photos daily on my UDMA drive, which stayed at the hotel. 

During my time in Thailand and India, I discovered how versatile the 35mm is as a walk-around travel lens, in that it can shoot everything from closeups, to wide shots. The 45mm tilt-shift was my creative lens, and I would take it out when I was presented with an interesting landscape, whether it was Amphawa Floating Market, or the Taj Mahal. I have to admit the 24-70 came in handy a couple times (i.e elephant ride where a prime lens would've been tough), but I found that the other lenses and gear weren't critical on the trip. If there's one thing to take away from this post, it's this: when traveling with gear, less is more :)


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