Thailand & India Trip Part II

Ok, so it's been a while, but I wanted to revisit our Thailand/India trip and pick up where I left off. After flying out of Phuket, Alan, Jack and I flew in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand). This region was very mountainous, with a cool climate, a nice break from the unrelenting humidity that we experienced in Bangkok! Alan took us elephant riding, which was definitely a highlight of trip for us all! It's hard to describe the feeling of riding two stories above the ground, while sliding around in the platform atop the elephant...oh, and one of our elephants turned to be really hungry and kept pestering us for bananas and sugar cane lol. We visited a shopping center with vendors packed in like sardines, checked out a Buddhist monk academy and temple, and tried a ton of delicious (and authentic) food!

After Chiang Mai, we flew back to Bangkok. We made the trip out to Amphawa Floating Market, an iconic area where vendors set up their boats along a large canal and see their food. Alan also learned that he was going to have two baby girls, an ironic twist, as he had been planning on having two boys, or a boy and a girl!

We'll never forget when we were about to enter the movie theatre to watch "Wizard of Oz" in the shopping center, when Alan got the call from his surrogate agency...the babies had just been born! It was a whirlwind ride the next few days, and we promptly left for India. But we'll save that for another post :)

-Reese (photography, blog)
-Alan & Jack (videography)

just like in the movies hehe

from atop the elephant! 

Up close and personal lol

flames inside our soup...pretty cool! 

indoor market place

Monks shop too :)

Buddhist temple

Alan shopping for baby clothes :)

killing time at the airport before flying back to Bangkok

Alan telling his aunties the news that he is the father of two girls :)

Alan's uncle's limited edition Leica M6. It is kept in a humidity controlled cabinet, so it must be worth a lot! 

arriving at Amphawa Floating Market! 


Alan gets his first look at his baby girls!! 

And now Alan knows what kind of clothes to get ;)

Jack bought a lot of snacks...err too much.

Goodbye Thailand!! 


  1. Awesome photos Reese. Thailand is the next Asian country I want to visit, aside from seeing more of India... speaking of which, when do we get to see those pictures?


  2. Thanks Sahil! The India post is in the works :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! There were so many awesome photographs!! I can't wait to see Thailand when we go next month :p

  4. Nice Photos!!! I really like this post


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