Model Shoot with M!

M is a friend who has really found her calling in life. As a crisis therapist, she deals with some absolutely crazy situations, but she is fascinated with all of the psychology behind it, and you can tell she's in love with her career just by how she talks about it. Modeling is M's medium to express herself as an artist, and it's always been really awesome to work with someone as driven as her. A few weeks ago, we were finally able to set up a shoot (between us, our schedules are absolute chaos lol). We were planning to do an edgy outdoor boudoir theme, but the weather had other plans. On the shoot day, it was pouring, and we decided to improv, and also brought along wardrobe for a rainy look. As luck would have it, about 20 minutes into our shoot, the sky cleared, and sun came out! Thrilled, we switched back to our outdoor theme, and shot in the afternoon sun until it set. Good times :)



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