Pow Wow! Hawaii 2015

It was really nice to see this year's group of Pow Wow! artists working their magic on the walls of Kaka'ako. I shot a little early in the week, so most of the murals had a good amount of work left in them. The sky was clear, the lighting was wonderful, and it was just really awesome to talk to some of the artists about their pieces. Enjoy!

Sergio is a local artist based in Chinatown. He was super stoked about his piece and explained how he wanted the wave to flow across the wall. This is Sergio's first Pow Wow! event. Super chill guy, I gotta go back and see how it turned out :)

Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz owners of Wooden Wave, also based locally, specialize in hand-drawn illustration, design, and fine art. This is their third Pow Wow! event, and they love seeing what everyone comes up with at the end of the event. 


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