It's usually a challenge for me to work with Japanese couples, since language is a barrier (even though I took 5 years of Japanese lol), but Kohei and Minako both spoke perfect English, so it was a refreshing experience to work with them. They were both incredibly down to earth and I genuinely wished that I had shot their wedding (they only hired our team to shoot their post wedding session). Check out the full post on the Isle Media blog!

This wedding season has been absolutely crazy. It's not that we're shooting significantly more weddings than usual, but rather learning to shoot and work smarter, instead of harder, with what we have. It's been quite the learning curve for me, but I'm excited with what we've done so far, and how much we've improved this year alone. I've been fortunate to have shot a number of weddings recently where I really connected with the couple and felt what brought them to their special day, from their family's hospitality, to the love they have for each other. Always a good reminder of how remarkable it is to be able to step into people's lives and experience their most important day with them...


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