Bringing Back Dodgeball

Back in the elementary school, dodgeball was a sacred sport for us. We lived for those intense matches on the field, one team pitted against the other. Whether it was In & Out or Elimination, dodgeball tended to pry out the competitive spirit within each of us. Insults, bleeding lips, and adrenaline rushes were all part of the game.

Today, there are people trying to revive this sport from the dusty lockers of the elementary days, by essentially gathering people together and playing the game. When I heard from my friend Niki that she was helping to put together a dodgeball tournament at Wilson  Park, I knew I had to attend somehow. I wanted to help raise awareness of this very cool sport, so I decided to volunteer and shoot photos of the event. My thinking was that if people can see how much fun it was, maybe more will come next time :)

The event itself featured several teams playing in a round robin, with the winning teams proceeding on to the semi and final matches. It was a ton of fun to photograph, despite the constant need to shoot with both eyes open so that my cameras wouldn't get destroyed by a stray ball. These guys were intense and they put on a good show!

So without further ado, here's some images from the tournament!



  1. Haha, I especially like the shot of everyone grabbing and retreating at the same time!

  2. O ya! btw,

    I'm not sure if you've ever tried this technique with lights before, but here's a tutorial I wanted to share with you:



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