Skin of a Beast

Waves are some of the most fascinating subjects to photograph; their displays of power and elegance are visually stunning, and they only exist for a few moments, before crashing back into the ocean. B&W continues to amaze me, so I've been experimenting on some old images to see what perspective B&W presents. I chose the image above because B&W really brings out the "skin" of this wave, which you don't really see much in the color version. This image was from this past January when the Eddie Aikau almost ran at Waimea Bay...

Nikon D300, 70-200 VRII @ f5.6, ISO 800, 1/3200 sec


  1. This is great! Awesome contrast in the photo.

    It sort of makes it look like.. not a wave.. and more like dried wax or something.
    Definitely brings out a different characteristic and form!

  2. So beautiful. i love the ocean. your pictures are always so awesome reese :D



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