Chilling with Alexis!

As a model and friend, Alexis has had one of the biggest impacts on my photography. I still remember our first shoot together back in 2011, and how it felt to work with someone who influenced both my style and awareness of portraiture. Alexis is easily one of the most down-to-earth people I've met, and every shoot with her was pretty chill and laid back. We started a tradition of eating ramen after each shoot to hang out and unwind, something that taught me how important it is to spend down time with the people I work with. After living up in Seattle for about a year, Alexis moved back home to Hawaii and we reconnected and decided to shoot together again! Alexis had been talking about some ideas she had, so I decided to give her the creative direction for this shoot :)

Alexis' vision was a light-hearted, lifestyle, beach picnic look, with acai bowls and flowers, and she wanted to "chill and shoot at the same time." It turned out to be the perfect recipe for our shoot :)


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