2014 in Review

2014 was the embodiment of "work hard, play hard." I shot a ton of assignments with the Isle Media team, and was also able to travel considerably and pursue a lot of my own creative work. I met some awesome people along the way, while learning more about myself as an artist, and as a person. There were some low points where I had to really take a step back, but there were also very uplifting moments that helped me remember how fortunate I am to be where I am. Without further ado, here are my highlights from a jam-packed 2014...

1. Shooting 84 weddings.
2. Discovering Jazzy Hip-Hop music from Lester
3. Experiencing Pow Wow! Hawaii 2014
4. Shooting back-to-back weddings in Vegas and Palau
5. Musician portraits with Ashley Lilinoe
6. Upgrading to the Nikon D4s
7. B&W visions
8. Simplifying the gear I take to weddings
9. Visiting Honouliuli Internment Camp
10. Going on morning runs
11. Leaning to unwind at shoots
12. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones
13. 282,000+ views on the blog
14. Hiking Koko Crater rim with Ruby
15. Couples boudoir
16. Experiencing the posh side of LA at Sabrina & Adi's wedding (photo above was taken from this trip)
17. Learning to improvise
18. Redesigning my blog
19. Isle Media turns 3! 
20. Flying in a helicopter with Adrienne & Morgan for their wedding
21. Shooting the Make A Wish Foundation event at Ala Moana Macy's
22. Adrienne & Shawn's private yacht wedding
23. Learning the importance of taking time off from work
24. Portraits of Remi Mead
25. Enjoying a few weeks during the summer when my whole family was home together
26. Email correspondence with fellow photographers who I connected with through my blog and model work
27. Weaving in b-roll into my model shoots
28. Getting a better handle on prisming for photography
29. Exploring San Fran
30. Gratitude


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