My Cover Image on Malamalama Magazine!

Back in September, I was hired to shoot a story for Malamalama Magazine, of two UH alumni, Jon and Oz, who have blazed their own trail with their cinema company, 1001 StoriesJon and Oz's clients include Bank of America, Hawaiian Airlines and the U.S Navy! If that's not awesome enough, they've also filmed Barack Obama, and the Emperor & Empress of Japan!

I was really stoked to photograph Jon and Oz, and in the midst of a chaotic film set in Chinatown, shot their portraits on a Saturday morning. An image from that shoot is now on the cover of Malamalama Magazine :D

What makes this particular issue of Malamalama significant is that it is the last print issue of the magazine. After 36 years, Malamalama will switch over to becoming an e-publication. 


Here's the original photo & write up of the cover photo. I gotta tell you some back story to this image :)

On the day of the shoot, I was at the film set for 2 hours, but only had 7 minutes with Jon and Oz. They were shooting a commercial, and things were pretty chaotic. Rowen, the magazine art director, had accompanied me on the shoot, and we had to change the lighting set ups several times because of the fluidity of the film set. I kept re-testing the lighting, making sure exposure was spot on, and that the background was clean. My adrenaline was pumping when we were finally able to pull Jon and Oz aside for a quick photo during a break in filming. The lights were set, Jon and Oz stepped in, and I fired away. Before I knew it, it was over.

set up: SB900 thru 24 inch softbox high camera right. SB900, zoomed to 105mm, fired bare behind Jon and Oz. All triggered with PW Flex TT5.

nothin like seeing your name in print :)

I was pretty stoked to see a couple other images I shot, also make it into the magazine! You can check out my blog post on "Head weatherman" here, and the story on "Gold medal diver" can be viewed here.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Thanks Aaron! hope your photography is going well!

  2. Way to go Reese!!!
    Leaving your mark on a little bit of history. :)

  3. Thank you Kelli! Hehe, maybe one day, I'll get to see all 36 covers of Malamalama! :)



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