2013 In Review...

2013 was the year of perspectives for me. Whether it was seeing weddings through the video lens, or traveling to new countries, this year really opened up my eyes to new ideas and experiences. Here's my highlights from a incredibly fast 2013, in no particular order:

1. Shooting 52 weddings
2. Traveling to Thailand and India with Isle Media
3. Watching Avis graduate from college at Pacific U
4. Exploring Kauai with the Isle Media team
5. Learning to be thankful on a daily basis
6. Shooting AccesSurf
7. Learning to shoot video at weddings
8. Working with Niche Models & Talent on test shoots
9. Switching over to Mac
10. Finishing the Great Aloha Run in 1:02:03
11. Amy and Gary's 6 day Indian wedding
12. Learning to tell stories about the models I work with
13. Visiting Lindsey at Willamette and exploring Portland.
14. Growing closer with the Isle Media ohana.

15. The D4
16. Learning about the tilt-shift lens and prisming 
17. Finding more of a balance between work and personal/family life. 
18. 144,000+ views on the blog
19. Discovering the productivity and well-being benefits of waking up early.
20. "Doing what you love is freedom. But loving what you do is happiness." ~Azusa Higa (Niche Model). Lucky to have both apply to my life :)


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