Reflecting Back on 2012...

With 2012 coming to a close, I wanted to take some time and reflect back upon some of the highlights from this year. It's quite remarkable how much can happen in one year, and encourage you to also look back on what 2012 meant to you :) So without further ado, in no particular order...

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1. Shooting 33 weddings.
2. Promotion to Principal Photographer and VP of Operations for Isle Media.
3. Traveling to Oregon with my family to visit my sisters at college (above photo is from that trip)
4. Portraits of the Merrie Monarch judges and kumu hula.
5. Discovering the importance of keeping a journal as an artist.
Finding new direction with my model work.
7. Learning how to become a better leader.
8. Shooting my first solo wedding on a neighbor island.
9. Helping to haul 200 lbs of gear up Kokohead with the Isle Media team to film a 5 second clip.
10. Focusing on personality and vibe with Alicia and Kristy.
11. Telling stories of other wedding companies.
12. Upgrading from DX to FX for my camera system.
13. Positive atmosphere and daily collaboration at the Isle Media office.
14. 3 wedding expos on Oahu and Maui.
15. 80,000 views on my blog!!
16. New phone, the Galaxy S3! (killer camera that is always with me)
17. Two-part boudoir shoots with May, Marissa and Ashley.
18. Exploring Haleakala summit with the Isle Media team
19. Shooting an engagement session on Lanai.
20. Discovering the story-telling abilities of photo collages.
21. Shooting photos of the first official UH Beach Volleyball game in Waikiki
Isle Media's one year anniversary.
23. shifting from zoom to prime lenses.
24. Pandora setting the mood during marathon editing sessions. 

25. Photoshoot-turned hang out session with Juno :)
26. Learning to listen more about the people in front of my lens.  
27. UH Outreach project documenting guest speakers at public libraries across the island.
28. Transit of Venus
29. Watching the Isle Media team grow from 10 to 18 members. 
30. The very fact that I am able to do what I love for a profession :)

Happy New Year everyone!! 


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